Mystery Box Set 6 - 1st Appearance of Kraven!

Mystery Box Set 6 - 1st Appearance of Kraven!

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SOLD OUT  - All boxes shipped! Happy Holidays everyone!

Update: Tracking numbers will be sent on Dec 10th, 2021. 

Kraven Another Mystery Box!

Grand Prize is this awesome copy of Amazing Spider-Man #15, 1st appearance of Kraven the Hunter! Also the 2nd appearance of Chameleon and the 1st mention of Mary Jane Watson!

There will be 70 boxes at $29.99 each for this run. 

Each box comes with at least $30 worth of comic books and one lucky box will receive the above mentioned grand prize!

All boxes will ship 1 week after sold out. 

Tracked shipping on every order.

Grand Prize retail value of $1,500.